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As CADdy Geomatics GmbH, we regularly receive inquiries about these topics GNSS manipulation and Solar storms in the context of positioning. To provide clarity to our customers, we have created this brief summary. For further information please contact us UAS specialist, Axel Dannenbauer, at +49 (0)89 42742222.

Currently influenced increased solar activity the GNSS position determination longer initialization times and stronger scattering. This results from transit time delays in the ionosphere caused by solar turbulence in an approximately 11 to 12 year cycle. Solar activity increases and reaches expected to peak in 2025. For precise GNSS measurements, it is recommended Double measurements to be carried out at different times of the day and to avoid measurements in the event of strong ionospheric disturbances. Current KP index and spaceweather

Regarding possible manipulation of the GLONASS satellites in connection with the Ukraine conflict, there is currently no detectable impairment. Historically, military operators of GNSS, including GPS and GLONASS, have refrained from administrative intervention during conflicts. The diversity of global navigation satellite systems and the civilian GALILEO system remain unaffected. Local spoofing attacks are in the war zone known, but Germany is out of it not affected.

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Since over half a century (since 1972) CADdy Geomatics is making history in the surveying industry. Founded by Dipl. Ing. Helmut Wenninger, full-blooded surveyors and geoinformatics specialists, we have now called ourselves leading partner established in the area of ​​consulting for surveying and geoinformation. We have been designing ultra-modern designs since 1984 Software and hardware solutions for CAD and GIS. As pioneers in the use of unmanned aircraft for surveying purposes, we round off our expertise.

Our history is reflected in the evolution of drone survey contrary. We are proud to be a pioneer in this field. Our expertise ranges from precise drone measurements to individual ones flight training, tailor-made from simple volume calculations to complex industrial projects. As pioneers in the industry, we offer in our CADdy Academy a wide range of seminars. From basic training to specialized courses such as roof measurements and 3D modelling, we cover all facets.

Our Expertise extends to all areas of drone survey. We are able to offer seminars for surveying with different drone models. Our goal is to prepare skilled workers for the challenges of modern life in the best possible way surveying industry to prepare. With a strong focus on practical orientation and application knowledge we set new standards.

Our focus is not only reflected in precise drone surveying, but also extends to underwater survey with our outstanding product, the Swimming Surveyor X, This depth gauge boat, a pioneering achievement in the industry, represents our tireless innovative strength. We don't just offer a product, we offer a comprehensive seminar that builds on our core values ​​of Learn & Earn.

Our commitment goes beyond selling products. Our support includes technical support and Consulting in terms of hardware/software. In a constantly changing industry, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and competent partner. Stand at CADdy Geomatics Innovation, precision and growth at the heart of our partnership for yours Success in the surveying industry.

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