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Good sensors also need a top service

In modern surveying sensors such as GPS, UAVs, scanners, smartphones, total stations and similar devices, technologies are built into today that were unthinkable 5 years ago. We always try to offer the latest technology at the best price-performance ratio. Good service with a sophisticated training system (Learn & Earn) and a reliable support system is a matter close to our hearts and is absolutely necessary for optimal use and thus customer satisfaction. We take responsibility for all sensors that were purchased from us as part of the CADdy Club and its variants (monthly hosting contracts). A large part of the devices can be serviced directly by us and, if necessary, we fall back on the manufacturer's services.

Another point is easy to read and intuitive instructions for use. 35 years of software development have taught us that the way to "simply measure" is not always long operating instructions, but intuitive operating structures bring more success. Our product WebCADdy and the associated GIS projects (geoportals) have already received several awards for their ease of use.