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Welcome to the support and training area

In this area, we inform you about our support options and our training program. In the customer area you can download the latest versions. Please log in with your club access data.

Module trainings that bring you closer to the functions of the individual modules. Workflow training will show you new ways of working that will help you deal effectively with features and modules.

Individual training courses are completely tailored to your needs and cover exactly the topics for which there is a need for training. Individual training can be carried out either at our premises or in your own. Ask us.

new: our Learn & Earn seminar series

The aim of these seminars is to familiarize you with our new mapping and information technology WebCADdy and WebGIS and to bring you closer to working with a cloud-based CAD / GIS. As an EARN component, you get 10.000 objects in the WebCADdy seminar free of charge. You can "use" this as you like and in as many projects as you want.

If you book the Learn & Earn training WebGIS, you can operate a geoportal of your choice for 1 year free of charge. There are no software or hosting fees. After the 12 months it will be automatically deleted unless you extend it. The offer is aimed at all surveying offices, energy suppliers, municipalities, special purpose associations or planning offices that have anything to do with geodata and want to make it available to your employees, customers or even citizens.

What are you learning?

We show you how to use WebCADdy or WebGIS, take care of the access controls and configure and edit a project in detail. Then we import data from one of your projects, regardless of what data you have, edit it and define GIS / SQL queries and in turn integrate them into the project as a map view that can be switched on / off. We explain the simple drawing technique, how to measure centimeters precisely with GPS, edit attribute schemes, create scale-dependent layouts or create thematic maps directly from the data. Finally, we also integrate official data services (WMS and WFS) and present this data.

In the case of a WebGIS application, we design a defined, separate portal, e.g. your city, municipality or administrative district via our configurator, determine the layout and functionality of the portal and upload the WebCADdy project to this portal. Then we define the orientation database (e.g. a free city map or an aerial photo service, define additional useful WMS services, define the layout for the vector data and import the SQL filters and analyzes. The established portal is responsive, i.e. available on all end devices. Finally, we provide information You can find out about the various price models (flat rate or object-based) for using this technology.

to the introductory video.

What would you like to have?

A geoportal of your choice with all the infrastructure elements you want (commercial, technical and social infrastructure), including prepared filters and GIS queries (e.g. show all channels with damage> class 4 or hiking trails with difficulty medium.)

Learn:     Introduction to WebCADdy, the WebGIS configurator, use of a map service portal

Earn:     the first 10.000 objects in WebCADdy + 12 months of free use of a map service portal

Duration 2 days

Dates: individually coordinated with you

Start: 9: 30, end approx. 16: 00

Location: CADdy Training Center, Treasure Arch 65, 81829 Munich

Price: 1490 € (for CADdy Club members less 20%)

Registration: Send an email

please also ask about our seminar dates for our Classic products

CADdy V basics, CAD, construction, coordinate management, DTM, profiles, drawing instructions, connecting databases, etc.

ADdy Import / Export - ALKIS, DWG, CADdy GIS-sqlite, Shape etc.

SurveCE and SurvePC - configure GPS services

to the detailed training program

Would you like to take part in one of our seminars?

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