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What does our Learn & Earn seminar “WebCADdy & WebGIS” offer

Working with a mobile GIS - as a graphical field book with GNSS support and as a data hub with extensive import and export functions

We will show you how to use WebCADdy, take care of access controls and configure a project. Then we import data from one of your projects, no matter what data basis you have, edit them and define SQL queries and in turn integrate them into the project as a map view that can be switched on / off. We explain the simple drawing technique, how to measure centimeters precisely with GPS, edit attribute schemes and much more.

In the second step, we design our own portal, e.g. your city, municipality or administrative district, using our configurator, determine the layout and functionality of the portal and upload the WebCADdy project to this portal. Then we define the orientation database (e.g. a free city map or an aerial photo service, additionally define useful WMS services, define the layout for the vector data and import the SQL filters and analyzes. The portal created is responsive, i.e. available on all end devices. Finally, we provide information You can find out about the various price models (flat rate or object-based) for using this technology.

Expand your knowledge

Our training program guides you step by step through the possibilities of WebCADdy.

How does the seminar work?

In the Learn & Earn seminar "WebCADdy" you will learn

Our offers for you

The aim of these seminars is to familiarize you with our new mapping and information technology and the CADdy products and to provide you with a geoportal created during the training as a benefit.

Offer 1

490 *
  • Training, Setup, 1 Year Free Use (1AP)

Offer 2 incl. GNSS receiver

1380 *
  • Training, setting up, evaluating in a course