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easier - faster and more accurate measurement

For over 35 years, we are at the forefront when it comes to develop and provide surveying equipment at the highest level at fair prices. 1980 was the first self-registering leveling system, 1982 the first mouse-operated CAD system, 1884 the first navigation system for notebooks and 1989 the first full-coverage aerial photo guide for Germany.

Based on this tradition and because we love this profession, we feel obliged to continue to offer the most modern technology at fair prices in our “sensor technology” area. It is part of our self-image as a software manufacturer and system house to support simple and cost-effective sensor technology that works without problems with the CADdy CAD / GIS modules. We pay particular attention to a favorable price-performance ratio and sensible license terms.

We distinguish today three groups:

Flying Surveyors with UAV and drone technology,

Swimming Surveyor with boat technology and

Moving Surveyor with GPS, total stations and scanner technology

as well as modern 3D evaluation methods and scanner technology.

The hardware is always supported by WebCADdytechnik as a mobile GIS. We use the latest conversion grid of the official surveying management to satisfy the highest genuigkeitsnasprüchen. All systems are seamlessly integrated into the CADdy software philosophy. The data exchange is guaranteed.

The CADdy Flying Surveyor Technique makes simple (UAV) consumer drones usable for surveying technology for the first time. You do not take a big risk because the aircraft used cost only a fraction of high-end drones and almost the same in many cases even deliver better results. What really counts is the evaluation technology, the camera and the ease of use. We help you with the selection, the evaluation techniques and the camera selection.

We help with the procurement of permits and train in the use of GPS technology and drone technology

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