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Tutorial 1

Civil engineering installation

Installation routine of the CADdy civil engineering module

CADdy KPx channel planning

Tutorial 1


Introduction and overview in the channel planning

Tutorial 2


Parameters of the KPx channel planning

Tutorial 3


Digitization of duct elements such as ducts, stanchions or connections

Tutorial 4


Edit (factual data / delete) channel elements such as manholes, positions or connections

Tutorial 5


Forms of the KPx database

Tutorial 6

Free Trial

"Test" menu item in the channel planning

Tutorial 7

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic calculations with the time coefficient method in the channel planning

Tutorial 8

Import / export

Import and export functions for ISYBAU, CADdy channel planning1 and free formats

CADdy STx Road Planning

Tutorial 1

Road creation - element method

Generation of paths with the element method by straight lines, clothoids and circles

Tutorial 2

Undo / redo

The new expanded undo / redo function at a glance

Tutorial 3


Create, edit and delete intersections in road planning

Tutorial 4


Create and edit the edges of a road

Creating bicycle paths, sidewalks, parking bays and much more.

Tutorial 5


Evaluation of paths, gradient and curvature band

Tutorial 6

swept paths

Creation and evaluation of towing curves for the simulation of vehicle lanes in CADdy road planning

Tutorial 7

cross sections

View and create profiles and cross sections in CADdy STx

Tutorial 8


Queries, evaluations and reports on existing routes

CADdy LPx line planning

Tutorial 1

Read KOR files

Tutorial 2

property data

Data input of lines without Microsoft Access

Tutorial 3

Evaluation and presentation

Presentation and labeling of the lines in the project plan