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Sky Eye

is a joint development of the companies LTA Technologies, CADdy Geomatics GmbH and ModriPlanet. The combination of camera and control technology enables objects on the ground to be observed and measured using an aerostat and adapted camera and evaluation technology. The aerostat is tied to the ground and the length of the rope determines the ascent height from which you want the recordings. From a few meters to over 1000 meters in height. It can also be used in difficult weather such as rain or wind up to approx. 60 km / h. This gives you a constant view from above, but without interruption due to constant battery changes, without pilot breaks and without noise from drives or other emissions. Flight times over hours and days are possible and are only limited by legal requirements.

The system generates continuous georeferenced photos and calculates exact true-to-scale orthophotos (vertical exposures) and exact 3D models.

The models are calculated on a powerful computer, either on site or in a data center. The data is streamed directly from the drone via the Internet to the data center, where it is calculated and implemented in a browser-based GIS (WebCADdy) as a separate layer or map.