road planning

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road planning

The new development of CADdy road planning with many established functions and numerous additional developments and improvements ensure a powerful and efficient civil engineering module.

CADdy STx road planning data sheet - PDF Download

CADdy STx road planning video tutorials - YouTube link

  • With the module road, comfortable functions for the planning of domestic and non-local road construction projects provided
  • Database-supported, object-oriented road construction solution
  • The call is made from the site plan module V2 (surveying planning)
  • All functions of V1, V2, V3 are available during processing without leaving the project.
  • In this case, it is possible to fall back on the survey data generated in module V2 (surveying planning). To determine the terrain heights there is a direct connection to the module V3 (digital terrain model).
  • Multi-window technology for simultaneous editing of site plan, gradients and sections
  • New notification technology of the different processing windows with automatic tracking
  • Simultaneous work in the V2 site plan, digital terrain model or in the surveying calculation part.
  • Unlimited undo / redo functionality on the road data with single step selection
  • Transfer of planning elements to the site plan and staking plan
  • Graphical axis and gradient design, any number of routes / projects
  • Planning via tangent polygon or element input. Wendelinien or Zwangspunkte possible
  • Data output for V2 profile function (.QUE) and for various 3D applications such as Google Earth (.KML), VRML
  • RAS parameter check Layout according to RE, list output of all results and outline sketches
  • any number of road edges with extensive edge libraries according to RAS-Ö, RAS-L, RAS-Q and RAR
  • Visualization of the planning body and terrain
  • Graphical definition of road cross sections with extensive libraries for assemblies (eg according to STLB, STLK and RAS-Ew) including noise barriers and ceiling structures (RSTO-86, RSTO-E91)
  • Road cross-section construction with the inclusion of any profiles that can be actively adapted to the edges
  • Blending of the road profiles with the primeval terrain (also according to RAS-Q), e.g. through embankments or ditches
  • Individually customizable reporting feature with multiple output options
  • Direct connection to the CADdy Mobil module for fast and accurate staking of planned routes
  • Supplied component catalog with additional option