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This module is already included in CADdy V.

Especially in the field of surveying / mapping, the "classic" CADdy continues to prove itself when it comes to creating CAD plans quickly and efficiently. The CADdy basic library, which has been continuously further developed for 20 years, guarantees highly efficient work when creating complex CAD plans like no other CAD program.

Basic Benefits of the CADdy User Philosophy:

  • Context-sensitive user guidance
  • Customizable menu structures, Pulldown menus, side menus and icon selection for fastest work
  • Own Windows-independent graphics library, High virus resistance, since only use the Windows driver
  • C interface for own program adjustments
  • Variable zoom technologies Hardware zoom and software zoom (display list)
  • Extensive symbol management (Graphic and survey symbols)
  • Customizing and personalization
  • Integrated task-specific project management
  • Pack & Go function (Archiving)

Feature Overview:

  • Includes functions for loading and editing pixel images and a bidirectional DXF converter (optional ALKIS, DWG, EDBS and DFK)
  • Extensive design possibilities for all imaginable geometric figures and elements
  • All conceivable auxiliary structures are included
  • Free design of plane mirrors
  • Variable point catching methods
  • Free design of symbols (also dynamic symbols for point number, class and height)
  • Design of character grids
  • Slides / Layer / Color Area Management (up to 512 levels)
  • Variable plot output (rectangular and rotated sections)
  • Design possibilities in the 3D area of ​​cuboid, cylinder, cone, etc. Parallel projection or central perspective with freely selectable observer point.
  • Additional features: Variable angle specification (gon, °, arc), own font generator, own symbol generator, translator for texts on schedule, multilingual (via 20 languages), pull-down menu manager, ICON menu manager, "my menu" administration

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