V2 layout design

///V2 layout design
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V2 Mapping / Digitizing

This product is already included in CADdy V.

Especially in the field of surveying and mapping, the "classic" CADdy continues to prove itself when it comes to creating CAD plans quickly and efficiently. More than 25 years of development have made CADdy V2 the most mature and best CAD system for geodetic plan design and surveying tasks.

On the basis of the huge drawing library of the CADdy basic package, extensive adjustments were made to the design requirements of the surveying and civil engineering.

CADdy V2 data sheet - PDF Download

Feature Overview:

  • Connection of all common OGC servers, also cadastre and orthophotos of the surveying authorities with automatic color optimization.
  • Reloading and fitting non-georeferenced inventory plans via control points
  • Numerous convenience functions for digitizing, constructing, dimensioning and labeling
  • Sophisticated symbol technology
  • A symbols for cartography and B symbols for geodesy
  • automatic point numbering, height labeling and class
  • Gon, degree and arc dimensions
  • Professional orthogonal dimensioning
  • Import / Export (DFK, EDBS, Shape, C01, Dbahn, V2 projects etc.)
  • Convert coordinate files
  • Curve functions> circle, clothoid, spline
  • Missing Line
  • Multiple lines (only in conjunction with Z-Tech)
  • Surface fillings with color, symbol and lines
  • Country-specific representation of point and parcel number
  • Manipulation of point and parcel number
  • Survey-specific plot preparation with truncation and cropping of lines and hatchings
  • Plot box with rotated coordinate label, coordinate grid, stamp field and legend caption
  • Integrated parcel and building management
  • Connectable horizons (DGM terrain)
  • Automatic generation of longitudinal and transverse profiles with definition of standard cross sections
  • Mass calculation according to Elling
  • Slope hatching, survey hatching
  • Fracture edge definition for DGM

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