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TerraCADdy JGIS systems

Not every GIS is the same! The CADdy JGIS systems (JGIS = Java GeoInformationSystem) are proven and mature graphical GIS systems.

Our GIS systems are the ideal helper when it comes to visualize geodata, evaluate, link with technical data and bring it to the screen or on paper (cartographic prepress).

The highlights of JGIS:

  • Context-sensitive user guidance (task-selected menu)
  • Mass-sensitive sensitive zoom with dynamic layout
  • Fast image creation, even of the largest amounts of data
  • Comprehensive CAD and GIS functionality
  • Automatic, scale-driven text placement and attribute labeling
  • Area fill with transparency edges
  • Connection, evaluation and visualization of any database
  • Integrated GPS connection
  • Integrated route planning and route guidance directly in the GIS
  • Pack & Go function (for archiving and free viewer)
  • Expandable as GIS web server
  • Connection to various webmap services

For the individual modules of our geoinformation systems:

We are also happy to create an individual for you Packages to our geographic information systems.