JGIS server

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TerraCADdy JGIS Server

The server version allows the control of most functions of TerraCADdy JGIS from external programs directly via http request or via XML requests. It does not matter whether the program runs on the same workstation (single user version) in a corporate network (intranet version) or on the Internet. The most important functions can be accessed and queried externally, ie by external programs. The communication of a client, eg Explorer, office programs, Word or drawing programs, takes place via XML and so-called exchange directories or streaming models.

CADdy JGIS is an ideal tool to visualize data that have a spatial reference according to certain specifications.

The possibilities in detail:

  • Manage different projects in a workspace
  • Manage various data and maps in a project
  • Data storage in spatial data bases (postgreSQL, SQLlite, Oracle etc.)
  • Access control via role and authorization concept
  • Import of different formats (DBs, CAD with feature creation, TomTom, OSM, Shape, CADdy PIC, TerraGIS-NDF, CSV)
  • Export to PDF, image pyramids, minimaps, databases, CSV, OpenLayers Tiles, Shape and CAD formats.
  • generate different views from the data
  • Create different layouts for the data, maps and views
  • Layout representation depending on scales and rules (OntheFly Rendering)
  • different coordinate systems and projections in the maps and data
  • Multiview output (different presentation in different windows)
  • Create arbitrary factual data queries with integrated SQL Designer
  • List output with sorting and ZoomTo functions
  • CAD functions for drawing point, line and surface objects,
  • Construction aids such as cursor, end point, center line, perpendicular to line
  • Labeling objects with attributes (name or other properties)
  • Labeling in the layout can be set depending on the object state or condition (rule-based)
  • Search and filter for arbitrary objects and attributes
  • Create Routing Networks (off-road and on-road routing)
  • Create and manage restrictions on routing tasks
  • Manage vehicles with vehicle feature settings
  • Route calculation based on the created routing networks
  • Output of routing lists with time specification
  • Area and length queries
  • Plot and print output with plot manager
  • Pack & Go function for export to Viewer or GIM Light or web projects