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Business model & prices

The use of WebCADdy is free of charge. Test it and see for yourself.
If you want to manage more than 1000 objects, you only pay for the number of objects used or a monthly user-dependent object flat rate


  • no hidden costs
  • The following features are included:
  • - 1000 free objects
  • - no subscription
  • - no running costs
  • - WebCADdy with
  • full functionality


  • for 1000 objects
  • This purchase contains 1000 objects
  • - unlimited projects
  • - no subscription
  • - no running costs
  • - WebCADdy with
  • full functionality


  • for 1 users per month
  • Unlimited objects:
  • 3 users = 30 € per month
  • 15 users = 75 € per month
  • 25 users = 150 € per month
  • 50 users = 300 € per month
  • 100 users = 450 € per month

Our examples

The possibilities of WebCADdy and the publication in its own WebGIS


Simple layout design with many different design options and surveying calculations

WebCADdy provides the ability to quickly and easily create complex CAD drawings. It is possible to import the most popular CAD and GIS formats and publish them after editing. In addition, many other functions common in CAD systems are available to you.

    • Import of DXF / DWG data
    • Layer management
  • various CAD design options

land management

Powerful possibilities for the free design of land management projects

In this exemplary project and the following portal, we will show you the administration of land parcels (from the real estate cadastre), of buildings and areas of land estimation (land values). In freely configurable queries you can search for owners, find parcels that are affected by a pipe, for example, or you can focus on the soil estimate according to specific color schemes.

    • Parcel management according to ALKIS standard
    • Level or object management
  • Import of shape and connection of kml data


Various statistical evaluations and visualizations

With the presentation of administrative areas (postcode areas, municipalities, administrative districts, countries, continents), this project / portal offers the opportunity to thematise and colorize these areas according to the values ​​of the individual attributes (births, health, population, crime, etc.) ,

    • thematic map display with rule editor
    • Property Properties Management (Attribute Manager) in Form and List
  • Analysis editor for generating factual analyzes

Risk Management

Documentation and management of serious accidents and disasters

This project / portal offers a collection of the world's largest accidents and catastrophes ever registered, allowing visualization as well as factual and thematic evaluation.

    • Connection of various WMS services
    • spatial object analysis via SQL filter
  • Connection of videos, photos and webcams


Management and representation of the technical and commercial infrastructure of a service area (commune, company premises, administrative district, etc.)

This project exemplifies the management of commercial POIs (accommodation, shopping, advertising space, grit, pipes, parking areas, street furniture, etc.)

    • Location and address search
    • Create and manage objects (points, lines and surfaces)
  • Function menu (GPS on / off, distance and area measurement)

Infrastructure traffic

Infrastructure management (bus and tram lines, metro, distribution points, advertising space, subscribers, stops, etc.)

This project shows the infrastructure in public transport and visualizes these according to given drawing instructions. Due to the extensive analysis options, the project can be analyzed for all conceivable subject attributes and visualized accordingly. Thematic maps are also provided.

    • Connection of various WMS services (eg aerial view, cadastre)
    • spatial object analysis via SQL filter and thematic representation via rule editor
  • Attach videos, photos or webcams

sales logistics

Administration and visualization of complex sales structures

This portal visualizes customer locations, sales territories and, if necessary, calculates tours and routes and, if equipped, also displays mobile objects (eg field service vehicles)

    • customer management
    • Sales Territory Management
  • spatial object analysis


Management and visualization of the infrastructure (pipelines, gas, water, electricity, sewer, cable, etc.) with the appropriate specialist attributes of line operators and municipal utilities

This project shows the technical infrastructure of a municipal line operator and visualizes these according to given drawing instructions. Due to the extensive analysis options, the project can be evaluated, analyzed and visualized according to all conceivable attribute attributes. Thematic maps are also provided.

    • any factual data depth
    • Drawing instructions via layout manager
  • spatial object analysis via SQL filter and thematic representation via rule editor

CADdy landfill

Management and visualization of landfills and heaps

This project shows the management and documentation of measurement results from landfill and gravel surveys with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)

    • Mass determination and documentation
    • Attach your own aerial photo with aerial photograph history
  • Data management with schedule


Management of agricultural projects and cultivated land. Visualization of the cadastre situation and fertilizer distribution and yield mapping.

This portal makes it easy to map agricultural land (cadastre, lease, yield, fertilizer, cultivation) and to allocate a corresponding attribution. It allows the data analysis and corresponding representation also with thematic representation (yield, fertilizer use, traction tracks)

    • Easy mapping of agricultural interesting areas also from GPS survey
    • Display of lanes and tracks
  • Object analysis via SQL filter and thematic representation via rule editor

Sports Course Management

Management and documentation of sports fields in general and golf courses in particular

This portal makes it easy to document and maintain sports areas (greens, fairways, drainage pipes, tees, fallow land, fertilizer, sports grounds, mowing, etc.) and to assign a corresponding attribution. It allows the data analysis and corresponding representation also with thematic representation (yield, fertilizer use, traction tracks)

    • Integration of any WMS services (cadastre, aerial photo)
    • Easy mapping sporttechnisch interesting surfaces also from GPS Surplus
  • Object analysis via SQL filter and thematic representation via rule editor

Features & tutorials

What can WebCADdy do?

Project management

The easy start with your WebCADdy

    •  Start from “www.WebCADdy.org” in a browser
    •  Registration or login
    •  language selection
    •  Create project selection or project
  •  Layer management


The first data in your WebCADdy

    •  Selection of the background map
    •  project selection
    •  Selection of import type and file
    •  Coordinate system and projection
    •  Start import
  •  Layer selection and verification of the data

Create & edit

Personalize data in your WebCADdy

    •  Create graphic elements
    •  Choose the right background
    •  Selection of import type and file
    •  Selection of different construction aids
    •  Choose the type of geometry (line, area, point ...)
  •  Selection of the object type, name and its attributes

Layers & Objects

Create an individualized data structure in your WebCADdy

    •  Manipulating and creating object types (layers)
    •  Selection of an object type (level) in the menu or in the map
    •  Selection of import type and file
    •  Add or manipulate object properties (attributes)
    •  Select attribute types
  •  Save the settings

Analysis & representation

Create and view queries in your WebCADdy

    •  Selection of the object type
    •  Open the SQL query editor
    •  Create a new query or edit an existing one
    •  Create the first filter
    •  Add more filters
    •  Create a spatial object analysis
  •  Create a thematic map using the rule editor

Measure & calculate

Create your own measurements and calculations in your WebCADdy

    •  Using the measuring function
    •  Measuring with the support of design aids
    •  Measuring with any number of intermediate points
    •  With a double click, the measuring is ended
    •  Call the GPS measurement function
  •  Save the GPS coordinate


Create your layout in WebCADdy

    •  Selection of the object type
    •  Open the layout editor
    •  Editing the layout settings
    •  Zoom level and name assigned
    •  Choose the geometry type (line, area, point or text)
  •  Setting the settings (color, opacity, line style etc.)


Publish your data in a WebGIS portal

    •  Selection of the object types to be exported
    •  Selection of the export format
    •  Selection of the desired coordinate system and the projection
    •  Download the packed file
    •  Open the file in a desktop CAD / GIS
  •  Publish the data using the WebGIS Configurator

Feature list - functions WebCADdy / WebGIS

WebCADdy has all the powerful features that make up a modern GIS and telematics system. Almost all features are available in WebCADdy (all-in-one except routing and navigation). In the explicit portals (WebGIS) only the functions that the operator desires are offered.

    • Without control
    • Login with ID and password
    • Rights management and role management
  • Registration Management
    • Create new projects
    • Manage existing projects
    • Delete projects
    • Export / import of projects in CAD and GIS formats
  • Transfer of projects directly to WebGIS
    • Standard Basemap OpenStreetMap
    • Expandable Google or Bing Maps (paid)
    • WMS services official (cadastre, aerial photos, location maps ...)
  • WMS services private (D-SAT, ...)
    • Various display forms for view and edit (freely configurable in the future)
    • Display of the entry as independent website (dynamic website generator)
    • Zooming beyond the OpenLayers standard (up to zoom level 25 = approx. 5 x 5 m)
    • Free moving (pan)
  • Zoom to (project, object ...)
  • Pull neckline up and zoom out
  • Tooltip with minimized object properties
  • Responsive design for display on any devices and operating systems
    • Address
    • Radius search
  • Property search
    • Drawing points
    • Drawing lines
    • Drawing surfaces
    • Drawing texts
  • Drawing circles
  • Drawing ellipses
    • Removal
    • Area
    • Record GPS (point, line, area)
    • Connect external precision GPS (blueCADdy - currently only for Android)
  • Import measurement photos and calculate position from forward cut
  • Import measurement data
  • Directional angle and distance
    • Send meeting point
    • Create and output object description as PDF
    • Start navigation to POI (NaviAPP must be installed on terminal)
    • Dynamic distance measurement to a defined object
  • Automatic location (point in area)
  • Automatic creation of area tags (QR tag with position and access to the portal and the POI)
    • point snap
    • line fishing
    • endpoint
    • Focus
  • parallel
  • intersection
    • Search and show object (also wildcard) via map and list
    • Complex queries via SQL-Wizard, also nested and arbitrarily deep
    • Complex queries also spatially (spatial request)
    • Complex queries for buffer elements (show all objects in 100 m distance along ...)
  • Freely definable buffer elements (circle, area or line)
  • Thematic analyzes and queries via rule editor
  • Free tiering and color scale assignment
  • Storage option for thematic queries
  • Calling stored queries or thematic maps
    • Free object type administration
    • New object
    • Delete object
    • Copy object
  • Copy object type
  • Manage attribute types of an object (name, description text, number, mail, photo, video, website)
  • Create and delete attributes
  • View and edit attributes in list form
    • Show location
    • Plan route
    • Start navigation via Navigationsapp (must be installed)
  • Transfer position to central fleet monitor database (IV)
    • Set and manage object-specific layout (point, line, area and text)
    • Zoom level assignment of a layout (zoom-sensitive layout)
    • Line and area color, line width, line style and transparencies
    • Symbol allocation
  • Brief assignment
  • Free printing of the visible section via the browser
    • Export CAD and GIS formats (Shape, DXF, CADdy PIC, CSV)
    • Export to SQLite (WebCADdy, CADdy JGIS)
  • Direct export into existing WebGIS projects
    • Open mail client and send single mail
  • Send serial mail (Export .vcf for mail client)
    • Addition of geo objects
    • Change to Flatfeebrechnung
    • customer management
  • Moving in through Paypal