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Welcome to the pilots directory of the CADdy Academy.

This page gives you an overview of who has already completed training as a qualified surveyor or risk pilot (flying surveyor). Our training enables the pilots to carry out even the most demanding tasks in the control of UAVs and also to evaluate high-precision surveying tasks and 3D structures. We attach great importance to this high-quality training, because surveying and documentation flights always have to be carried out in demanding environments. Upon request, the necessary proof of knowledge for the corresponding drone technology can also be checked and approved. We are also certified as a training center by the Federal Aviation Office (Ast 004). If you rely on pilots with this training for your tasks, you can be sure that you will receive work at the highest level of surveying technology and officially fly in almost all environments. (within the scope of an exemption or general decree). In the pilot cadastre you will find suitable pilots and evaluation experts in your area. Flying Surveyor is the largest network of UAV pilots trained in surveying in German-speaking countries.

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