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These modules are already included in CADdy V.

In order to complete the functions of a survey / mapping program, the ability to generate and evaluate longitudinal and cross sections has been implemented in TerraCADdy. In this way, data can be obtained from a Digital Terrain Model in a very short time, which can be essential for an overview, planning and implementation.

AXS / LNG / QUE TerraCADdy Classic axes / longitudinal profiles / transverse profiles

In a few simple steps, TerraCADdy allows the user to create any axis in his Digital Terrain Model (DTM) by creating longitudinal and transverse profiles and saving them individually and separately (* .axs / * .lng / * .que) , This increases the clarity as well as the planning and processing efficiency.

RQD TerraCADdy Classic standard cross-section

For users in traffic planning, the additional possibility of generating a standard cross-section (* .rqd) in TerraCADdy is given. The individual attributes

  • gradient height
  • road slope
  • Distance, banquet and trough width
  • slope ratio
  • and much more.

can be specifically Deffiniert here.

TerraCADdy Classic mass calculation

Longitudinal or cross sections can be used for surface calculation according to Elling and thus allow a simple and straightforward possibility of mass determination between the longitudinal and cross sections.

Good control

The control of the calculations can be carried out both graphically and within a written protocol and understand.